Sunday, 20 May 2012

Worting Woods and my own back yard

Eventually got round to identifying the water plants in my pond, which added Ceratophyllum submersum, Elodea nuttallii and Lemna minuta to the list.  Another visit to Worting Wood today to try to find the toothwort but failed again.  Among other species found Myosotis discolor, Veronica montana and Moehringia trinervia.  

A patch of Moehringia trinervia - the three-veined sandwort

This is one of those rather confusingly named species.  A number of the leaves had five veins rather than three and it was growing on a woodland ride overlying chalk rather than sand.  Note the un-notched petals are much shorter than the sharp-pointed sepals.  Some flowers had three and others four styles.

Total species 1202
Found and photographed 332 (27.6%)


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