Tuesday, 15 May 2012

The One Quarter Mark reached

Since my last post I have passed the 25% mark, adding 19 species to the plant list with photos added to the identification keys.  A pleasant visit to the wet flush on Silchester Common found several sedges in flower along with Pedicularis sylvatica (Lousewort), Eriophorum angustifolium (Cotton Grass) and Salix repens (Creeping Willow).  It was the first time I had found the cotton grass and creeping willow in flower as I had not been onto a damp heath habitat in early May before.  A visit to the footpath along the southern edge of Worting Wood was made on the 11th May to look for Lathraea squamaria (Toothwort) which I had previously seen there two years ago but I failed to find it this time.

              Carex nigra photographed from the boardwalk bridge on Silchester Common

Total species 1202
Found and photographed 322 (26.8%)

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