Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Up Nately - last day for coat and hat?

Monday evening and a trip to Up Nately to stroll along the canal.  Discovered a calcareous flush near the old brickworks with three species of sedge in flower, Carex flacca, C. acutiflorus and C. disticha.  This last one is common in such habitats but was new to me.  Alongside the canal were Carex sylvatica, C. remota and C. pendula.  So much vegetation seems poised to flower and with the first significantly warm day today means it is just coming up to the busy time.  I'm gradually getting the grass species sorted one by one.  I last tried this twenty years ago but this was before scanners and digital photography so a lot was done just by memory.  This time it is very different, with the ability to keep on coming back to the images you've seen.

Carex disticha

Total species 1202
Found and photographed 338 (28.1%)

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