Saturday, 22 February 2014

Trichopsocus brincki and Lauritrioza alacris

Put out a yellow pan trap (yellow plate containing water and a couple of drops of washing up liquid) to catch insects in the garden at the beginning of February and this has turned up some insects I had not seen before.

These included Trichopsocus brincki, a member of family Psocoptera (the bark lice).  Working from the old key this was identified to family Trichopsocidae due to the hairs on the back wing being alternately long and short (required about x100 magnification to see).  It was clear that the patterning on the wings didn't fit the species there so went to Keith Alexander's site and identified the species easily using the illustrations there of wing patterning (  This was recorded on February 9th, 16th-18th and 21st.

A second one new to me was Lauritrioza alacris (Psyllidae, Hemiptera).  I had previously constructed a key to the 24 species listed as common in the Royal Entomological Society's Handbook to Psylloidea and got in a real mess trying to see the microscopic surface spicules on the wing.  This species didn't appear to have them so I went back to the full key and found it tracked to this species which is listed as locally common.  That is now added to my key and posted at

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