Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Hampshire Violaceae completed

A visit to Bartley Heath just off the M3 at the Hook junction yielded the last two species of violet growing in North Hampshire.  These were the two heath violets, Viola lactea and Viola canina.  

Viola lactea, Bartley Heath
This completes the eight species growing in the area and meant that I could complete illustrating the revised key to the species, which is now published here -  I know it is rather unorthodox to publish under "insect keys" but it saves effort on my part as the site was already in use.  I expect I'll rationalize it all given time.

Again the season is not particularly conducive to getting out and about but the total is gradually creeping up, going up by one today with spotting Sisymbrium orientale growing at the edge of the car park of B&Q in Basingstoke. 

528 species, 43.5%

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