Sunday, 2 November 2014

Bothrideridae and Cucujidae published

A very pleasant week in north France with the family gave a little time to work on a couple more small families of beetles.  These are the families Bothrideridae (5 species) and Cucujidae (2 species).  The files on the website should enable identification of these species.  They can be found at and /cucujidae.  As usual if you find anything that needs improving, doesn't work or does work please let me know. 

Bought home a leaf of Elaeagnus macrophylla from Hardelot and was delighted at the beauty of the scales on the leaf which are a characteristic of the family.  They are like miniature flowers on the leaf.  These are the scales on the top surface.  Those on the underneath are so dense you can't make out the individual scales.

                       Elaeagnus macrophylla - scales on the upper surface of a leaf

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