Sunday, 7 October 2012

Review of the last part of the year

Five weeks away in Africa and France and the inclement weather meant that North Hants botany took a back seat for much of the summer.  A few trips out here and there did increase the list which now sits at 496 (41%).  

Recent highlights were the Marsh Gentians (Gentiana pneumonanthe) at Bartley Heath and the Chiltern Gentian (Gentianella germanica) on a grass verge of the A34.  Unfortunately the vast majority of these had finished flowering (14th September) so I'll visit the site again earlier next year.  I was far too late to find the burnt orchids (Orchis ustulata) on Ladle Hill, but did find the clustered bellfower (Campanula glomerata) and the autumn gentian (Gentianella amarella).  I was hoping to make it to 500 by the end of the year, but flowering is thinning out now so it will be back to hunting in February.   
Gentiana pneumonanthe